Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Naming of the Bear

Driving to our Valentine's Day dinner last night, Monkey was having problems pronouncing the name of her new friend, Morgan. She insists the child's name is "Norgan," with an N. We've been trying to clarify it for her. Mmmmmommy. Mmmmmeow. Mmmmorgan. Mmm...Mmm... Morgan.

To which my adorable Monkey invariably replies: "Mmmm. MMMM... Norgan!"

It reminded me of a favorite story about my friend's nephew, when he was a toddler (yikes! 20 years ago-- is that right? Damn, I'm old.)

He had the same problem pronouncing "Bambi." It was always "Dambi." He could make the "B" sound fine, but just refused to associate it with the Disney fawn, for reasons known only to his little 2-year-old self.

The exchange went about the same:
Grandparent: "No, Chris, it's BBBambi. B- B- Bambi."
C: "B-- B-- DAMBI."
Grandparent: "Bambi"
C: "B... B... DAMBI."  <cue hysterical laughter>

Revisiting this favorite old story in the car last night, Monkey's Daddy and I were giggling at how similar the situations are.

I then made a fatal error.

My mom has been encouraging Monkey to name her stuffed animals, as part of helping create stories about them. Her new Valentine Bear (in her lap in the car) had not yet been named. I asked her if she had a name for him yet.

To my chagrin, she proudly announced:

"His name is B- B- DAMBI."

Be careful what you say in front of your toddler.

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