Thursday, March 3, 2011

Rockin' Out

I usually try to have music going in the car-- any kind, really. For a while there, Monkey was obsessed with only HER music being played. As I evaluated those options (and my own sanity), Mommy invoked Mama Rule: My car = my choice of music. After initial resistance, it's been accepted as just how Mommy rolls. Most of the time...I've still felt pressured into toddler tunes more often than I'd like.

Monkey's Daddy, on the other hand, has historically played kids' music in his vehicle whenever the kids are present. Like... All. The. TIME.

We're trying to steer clear of Monkey developing an entitled attitude. Mostly, because I don't WANT to feel like slapping anyone 24/7, and that nasty, "cater-to-me" crap jolts my blood pressure to uncool heights. It's been a real issue with Monkey's half-sister, who is 6-going-on-16. We have significant struggles, to say the least. (Stepparenthood is not for the feint of heart.)

Daddy has recently joined the Musical Revolution, and it has been REALLY awesome. He put together a Monkey-friendly iPod playlist with the stuff he likes-- mostly instrumentals for now, so we don't have the toddler spouting lyrics which could necessitate a speedy, red-faced exit from church-- and she LOVES it.

We're a musically-inclined bunch. I've been singing since I was Monkey's age, and she seems to be following that path. Daddy plays guitar, drums, and bass, and has a passion for all things metal.

Know what's really cool? So does Monkey, now.

She also likes some jazz, latin, pop, reggae (which she calls "reggae-beat-beat-beat"), swing, Mommy's hair bands and the latest pop tunes. I am really excited to continue extending her musical palate.

Yesterday in the car, she asked for music. I started to get the usual CD going, but she stopped me.

"No, Mommy... Daddy's ROCK STAR music!"

So I put on the Loop. Blue Oyster Cult.

She rocked out in her car seat all the way home, and I didn't have to sing "The Wheels on the Bus."  Not once.

Maybe if Metallica covered it... ??

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  1. (Stepparenthood is not for the feint of heart.)

    Boy, do you have that one right. As a sometimes-stepmom to a 6 year old girl, I so feel you.

    We did get Mira into Muse, though. :)