Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Understanding Monkey-speak

She's ridiculously cute and can spout off full paragraphs of conversation. However, some of her phrasing can be a little confusing to the uninitiated. Here is a translation guide:

PhrasePart of SpeechTranslation
Be seensn.Green beans
Chickenn.Any kind of meat; may substitute "steak" or "hot gawgs". Usually requires BBQ sauce.
Hot gawgsn.Any kind of rounded-looking meat. Usually requires ketchup.
Thank-you-Godn.Prayer; most notably, the grace said before a meal (Thank you God, you are good; Thank you, God, for all our food. Amen.) May also be interpreted as: "I'm hungry."
Ayu-ba-dit!declarationHelp me, in Spanish. You might recognize it as: ayudame. Courtesy of Dora and Diego.
BE-gah-gahsn.The phrase formerly used to describe yellow fruit monkeys love to eat
Bananan.Apparently the funniest. Word. EVER. Often the punchline in knock-knock jokes, tied to someone's name (Banana MOMMY! HAHAHAHA!)
Gwapesn.Any round-looking food item, including peas, blueberries, and actual grapes
Potaton.Tomato. Or, sometimes, an actual potato. They are interchangeable.
Bunny juicen.Coffee. Grandma Bunny drinks a lot of it so it is now named after her.
People boonn.A rounded metal eating utensil used by big kids and grown-ups (AKA "big people spoon"); WAY better than a stupid plastic toddler spoon.
Wafoosn.Frozen, then toasted, breakfast food that is good with syrup or apple butter
Dipn.Any sauce, gravy, or other condiment. 99% of the time, it MUST be on the side.
Banya (BAHN-yuh)v.(Italian) To dip bread/crackers/whatever into sauce/gravy/soup/whatever.
COOOOKIEn.A delicious baked good whose name must be pronounced all growl-y, just like the furry blue guy on Sesame Street says it
Did I do a great job?questionDid I eat enough of my meal to qualify for dessert?
May I be 'cused?questionMust be said before you push your chair from the table. This one's just cute. :)
Peoplesn.Little People toys ("Gonna go play wif my peoples.") It sounds way more gangsta than it is.
Hooraden.The festive walk of floats, marching bands, and dancers on the 4th of July
Fee-fi-fo-fumv.To take a bath. Inspired by Daddy's recital of "Fee-fi-fo-fum, I need a toddler with a naked bum!" before bathtime.
Make-itadj.Unclothed. Often heard as "make-it baby" while gallavanting around nude on the way to go fee-fi-fo-fum.
Scrub the stink off mev.To get a bath; also known as going fee-fi-fo-fum
Wash coughn.The small squares of fabric used in scrubbing the stink off her
Partsn.The private area that gets wiped during diper changes
Brushteethn.The bristly device used to clean one's teeth; one of Monkey's most prized possessions.
Schnugg-weesn.The cuddly doll-blankets crucial to falling asleep comfortably
Snap-snapv. or n.The clipping of her nails and/or the tool used to accomplish that task
Princess pants/Dora pantsn.Pull-ups, which  have either Disney princesses or Dora on them depending on what's on sale

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  1. I love toddler-speak! She's got some good ones! :)