Thursday, April 14, 2011

Busy Little Kid

We've been working with Monkey to establish goals and give her some kind of time-frame reference. Anyone who has a toddler can understand that when you say "in a little while" to a toddler, he/she is going to ask you in exactly 42 seconds whether that means NOW. I don't like to drink during the day, so I had to figure out another option.

She's inquisitive, and of course wants to do EV.ER.Y.Thing we do. Like, now. Not wanting to stifle her sense of adventure and potential to learn for herself, as long as it's not likely to end in a trip to the ER, I will generally let her try whatever she's asking.

Alas, some things DO have to wait. Like when she said she can drive Mommy's car.

I tried to explain she's too little, so it's not safe (leaving out the part that my heart does jacknife triple-twists at the thought of her behind the wheel, even when she does get old enough). Plus, she has a battery-powered Mustang car (courtesy of her awesome godparents) that she does kind of drive... if you call changing radio stations while flooring the gas pedal, and NOT STEERING, driving. Come to think of it she's probably ready for Chicago highways...

But anyway, we've established that there are some things she just can't do, because she's too little now.

Turned out to be a gold mine. She took that to mean she better start growing if she wants my car keys. THAT translates to doing the things we've taught her will help her grow: eating good food and getting good sleep.

I am so proud of myself for creating that loop of logic. It is *SO* paying off. Woo hoo, ME.

Thus, heading home from the sitter's the other day, Monkey asked if she could drive. Um, no. I want to GET home, thanks!

So we strap her in and get rolling. She chatted about random things for a few minutes. Then came this:

Monkey: Ok, so I need to start gwowing and gwowing so I can drive da big people car.

me: Yep, that's true.

Monkey: Hmm. Wight. Annd, annd, and, I wanna pwactice my wetters. I can do numbers too.

me: Yes, you'll need some practice. We can work on that.

Monkey: Annnnd...if I gwow, I will get bigger dan X? (her 5yo friend, who is little for his age but makes up for it with serious swagger)

me: Quite possibly. (They weigh almost the same now.)

Monkey: Will I get bigger dan Mommy?

me: Possibly. (I'm really short.)

Her little face all scrunched up in concentration, she pondered these answers for a minute. Then:

Monkey: OK.  <sigh> I gotta do my wetters, and pwactice numbers. Gotta get bigger than X. Bigger dan Mommy. I need to do wots of gwowing.

<big pause>

M: Uh, Mommy? I got *WOTS* of stuff to do. <very, very serious>

M: Mommy? Why are you waughing??


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