Friday, April 8, 2011

Fun with Nature

Our path home from the babysitter's house goes past some nature preserves. Monkey's appreciation for nature is, like most things, unique and endlessly entertaining.

There's a patch of forest that's the start of the nature preserve. Courtesy of a song my mom made up to sing to her as an infant, Monkey always looks for the "monkeys in the trees." Because, well, there are TREES. So, obviously, there should also be monkeys. Duh.

This has morphed into somehow looking for *Daddy* in the trees. Not sure if she's calling Daddy a monkey or just having fun with it, but every day we pass those trees and she asks me if Daddy's in the trees... then she giggles like a lunatic.

The latest addition to this routine involves a stoplight near a clearing in the forest. (Chicago suburbs are good for that kind of juxtaposition.) It's spring, and the robins and other feathered critters swarm that field every day. It seems to be a very social dinner time for the birdies. Monkey is always excited when we catch a red light there so she can watch them.

Yesterday's interaction:

Monkey: Ooh, dere's a lotta birdies dere. What are they doing?

me: Well, it's dinnertime for them too. They're eating.

Monkey: But, what do they eat? Broccowwi?

me: Uh, not likely. Birds eat worms and seeds and berries.

M: EEW *worms*?!! But, not *those* worms.

me: Is there something special about those worms?

M: YESSS!! Dey're TALKING worms!!

me: Ooh, talking worms-- cool. What do talking worms say?

<big pause>

M: "We're WORMS!"

...ask a stupid question... LOL

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