Friday, April 1, 2011

Monkey Quote of the Day (Week?)

We have recently discovered that Monkey is what I have termed a "stuffer"... she has discovered that there is sometimes a pocket area created by her diaper. So, why not put things in it?

Maybe she is preparing for a future career as a magnificent plumber. I'm really not sure.

What I DO know is that we've had several incidents of actually having to tell her, "Don't put things in your bottom!"

Not a phrase I ever imagined uttering, and I have said it more than once. In the past week.

Her babysitter/daycare provider/gift of God has told me she's been stumped by this behavior. Having her own 5 year old son, and also caring for her 5 year old nephew and 2 year old niece, this stuff is kinda old hat for her. However, Monkey is officially the first child in her care to explore such uncharted territory. It's certainly uhh... different.

I was helping Monkey in the potty the other day (at pick-up time) when the sitter relayed yet another stuffing incident that had happened.

Exasperated, I just shook my head at Monkey.

Who ever-so-sweetly, and in ALL sincerity, asked me:
"Mommy, why do I put toys in my butt?"

I gave the only reply I could muster: "Honey, for the life of me, I Do. NOT. Know."

Meanwhile, the babysitter had to go to another room to stifle the howls of laughter.

...and the Parenting Train to Insanity rolls on...chugga chugga CHOO CHOO!!


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