Friday, April 15, 2011

Purell Me, Please

I'm noticing a lot of my funnier conversations with my daughter seem to take place in the car. Not sure why... maybe because that is uninterrupted, enclosed time we spend together.

I usually let her begin the conversation, to see what's on her goofy little mind. Yesterday, it was a running checklist of, "Do we eat _____?" Things like trees, cars, and shoes were debated. (Broccoli got a yes.)

In a lull, I asked her if she knew her full name, since we've been working on that. She fired right back with Monkey Doodle Rockstar. <insert real name here; you get the point>

I gave her a big YAYYY and a high five, which is hard to do from the driver's seat but made possible by the fact that we were at a red light.

One-point-three seconds after the high five, I hear:

"Um, Mommy? Do we eat boogers?"

me: NO! Eww. Gross.

Monk: Ummm... do we PLAY with boogers?

me: NO!

Monk: No? Hmmm...

me: Wait?!-- was there-- did you just put a BOOGER on my hand?

Monk: Um... no??? <evil giggles>

me: Oh, FOR THE LOVE OF GAWD!! AAAAGGGH! <searches frantically for the hand sanitzer>

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