Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Beauty Is Truth

I love our nightly routine. Seriously, never EVER expected to say those words, because Life Before Mommyhood was anything BUT routine, and I swooooooooore I'd never "succumb" to a Groundhog-Day kind of life.

But really, I love it.

I love watching Monkey wind down for the night and the tell-tale sparkle in her eyes that lets us know night-night is near. I love seeing the comfort she takes in knowing these same steps are going to happen, this same way, and she therefore knows what to expect. I love that we are providing her with that sense of security and safety.

...I *especially* love how she gets both brutally honest and whackadoodle-goofy when she's tired.

So, the other night... Daddy had her headed to her potty chair. She was standing on the bath mat,struggling with her pull-up because she was at the level of near-sleep which involves the loss of some motor skills.

She had this funny grin, like she was thinking something amazingly funny but was keeping it to herself.

So, Daddy asked her why she was smiling like that.

Her response?

                "I'm smiling because I like your FACE!"

We like yours too, Sleep-Drunk Monkey. LOL

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