Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Toddler FTW

I got my hair cut yesterday after work. Actually, I had my hair cut FIXED yesterday after work... the initial cut was courtesy of a spur-of-the-moment decision to go drastically short on a randomly ridiculous 89+ degree day.

Public Service Announcement: Miscommunications with one's stylist can end in catastrophe. Just sayin'.

My hair is wavy. Not curly, not straight-- WAVY. Which means one must use extreme caution when cutting and/or styling it, as there is great potential of looking like Nick Nolte's mugshot.

There was grave miscommunication with my last haircut. Having lived with the crazy outcome for a month, I finally became fed up enough to go rectify the situation. So now, it's even *shorter* but at least I no longer look like I should be chanting SKATE OR DIE! SKATE OR DIE!

So, anyway, I officially have "Mom hair" now. But, whatever. It still really is an improvement, sad to say.

Due to the coiff carnage, I had to change my shirt immediately upon arriving home. I hate, hate, HATE the feel of those little floaty post-cut hair bits sticking to my neck. Muy itcharino.

Monkey and her dad were just sitting down to dinner (her second dinner, since she eats at GOG's house too) when I came into the kitchen sporting a "chill-out" shirt.

This usually means a concert t-shirt, because between Daddy and Mommy there are at least 1,597 concert t-shirts at our house. (All but 5 of those are black, BTW. )

Monkey greets me with, "Oooh! I WIKE your shirt, Mommy. What is that?" <points to the symbol on the front>

I cheerily replied, "Thanks, honey. That picture is a symbol for a band called Bon Jovi."

She grins and dives into her food.

Sitting down, I try to seize the opportunity to expand the conversation by asking: "Can you say BON JOVI, Monk?"

Her reply:

"No. I don't like to say bad words."

Daddy choked on his dinner. Jerk.

<le sigh.>

Toddler FTW. :(

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