Friday, May 13, 2011

Travelling: Not for Wimps! (Pt. 1)

We took a trip to visit Monkey's grandparents the weekend after Easter (since we had multiple committments at home for Easter). The "driving grandparents" live about four hours from us, just outside the Wisconsin Dells. My parents (the "airplane grandparents") live in Florida. I am only insane enough to drive to Wisconsin (must FLY to FL), and even then we only do it a few times a year.

Travelling with a 2 1/2 year old and 6 1/2 year old is an interesting concept. Monkey is in the midst of potty-training. Add in that one of the adults either falls asleep or gets randomly carsick (that'd be me- on both counts) and it's a fun time for all.

I was supposed to try to leave work early on Friday to hasten our departure. Um, yeah. About that...

So I actually wound up staying LATE which was uncool. Luckily the unavoidability of my tardiness was taken in stride and traffic wasn't as ugly as we'd expected.

We did, however, eat dinner on the road at the most ridiculously inept Wendy's I have ever experienced. They forgot half our food, messed up the other half, and apparently don't know that a sour-cream-potato should come with sour cream. And, maybe, a fork. I guess I was supposed to just grab it like a savage and chow down on plain potato? Um, not my style.

With the delays we wound up getting to their house pretty late, certainly after the kids' bedtime. Not that that mattered, because the arrival at the Magical Land of Grandparents gave the dozing toddler an adrenaline jolt that had her whizzing around like Dash from The Incredibles. I was actually kind of impressed at first...then just fearful as to how we'd ever get her to zonk out.

Due to the logistics of their house, the sleeping arrangements tend to put my significant other in the downstairs bedroom with the older child (in a sleeping bag on the floor) while I take the upstairs guest room with Monkey (in a Pack N Play). It means I get to go to sleep early. Not an accident! :)

But by the time we even got upstairs it was after 10. Books read, teeth brushed, got her in the P-n-P by about 10:25. Then I did my nightly routine and got the compression pump going for my legs. [Side note: Lymphedema SUCKS.] I barely kept myself awake and shut off the pump at 11:40.

...Only to hear, from the P-n-P: "Oh! Mommy, you're done!! Yay! Good night, Mommy."

My response: "Holy CRAP-- are you still UP???"

Monkey: <uncontrollable giggling>

I reminded her she won't grow if she doesn't sleep. Then I zonked out, feeling at least somewhat assured she'd sleep in a little later in the morning.

Yeah... about that, too? Not so much.

At PRECICELY 5:40 AM, I hear: "Mooooommmmmaaaaa...? MOMMA!!"

me: "Wha...?"

Monkey: "I fink someone's up. I fink... everyone is UP!"

me: "No honey. NO ONE is up. Shhhh. Go back to sleep."

Monkey: <cups her hand to her ear> "But, I... FEEL someone is up!"

me: "You mean HEAR. And no, you don't HEAR anyone up, because No. ONE. IS. Up... Not even Grandpa is up yet and that means it's too early to be up."


Monkey: "But... the SUN is up!!"

I managed to keep her contained in our room for about an  hour, thanks to the P-n-P (and her hard-work-to-preserve ignorance of the fact she could climb out of it any ol' time she wants. Then, we exploded into the family room. Bless Grandma's heart, I handed her off for Grandma-time and trudged up to hit the shower.

And greet the day.

At 7 AM on a Saturday... the only day in the week I don't HAVE to get up early.

She's lucky she's so cute. <sigh>

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