Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Travelling: Not for Wimps! (Pt. 2)

Of COURSE there's a part two, silly rabbit. ;)

We are truly blessed that not only do the kids have both sets of grandparents, but they also--both sets!-- live near some pretty cool kid-type stuff. Mine are in Florida: Home O'Da Mouse, and his are just outside the Wisconsin Dells: Home O'Lotsa Cool Stuff.

Now that Monkey is a little bigger, we can take advantage of more of the Dells attractions. This trip, we had dinner in the Train Room at Buffalo Phil's (where your food is served via model trains running alongside the tables). That was pretty nifty, even if the bubble machine they sent out did give Monkey's dad a soapy head massage.

...Come to think of it, that was REALLY nifty. <evil snorty laugh>

And, it's a good thing we stuck a diaper on Le Monk, because she actually DID pee her pants laughing. It was also pretty stinkin' cute to watch her absolute awe at the girls in their prom dresses headed through the game area.

Monkey (in a hushed, reverent tone): "Wook, Mama... <small gasp>... PWINCESSES!"

Note: That would've been cuter had said "pwincesses" not hogged the ONE handicap-equipped bathroom stall, while I waited anxiously with a pee-pee-dancing toddler to get into a stall big enough that I wouldn't risk knocking her into the potty. Thankfully, one of the group saw my plight and shepherded her friends out of the way to let the little kid make it on time.

We then took FULL advantage of the indoor amusement park. Monkey's over 36 inches tall now, thus-- ta DAA!! authorized to go on the kiddy rides. Her big sis is over 48 inches and can ride on pretty much anything now...a difficult concept to explain to Little Miss "I-wanna-go-TOO," but we worked it out.

The highlight was the train roller coaster. I think Daddy was more psyched than the kids, because he is hoping to groom them into champion coaster-riders. He's a big fan. With my medical issues, that stuff can be uncomfortable/dangerous, so it'll work out well if the girls want to do all the crazy rides with him. I can just hold the stuff and have me a frosty, cool beverage; I am totally cool with that. Taking one for the team. That's me. Where's the frozen lemonade stand? :)

So, they went on the coaster, Big Sis in her own spot and Daddy next to Monkey. It was hard to tell during the ride what Monk thought of the experience, but Daddy sure seemed to like it.

They came off the ride, and apparently something in her little toddler brain got a little scrambled.

She was just repeating "Eeeeee!!" and staring blankly.

Ever the alarmed mama, I of course panicked and asked if she'd hit her head, or slipped, or basically-- WTH?!

...Daddy let out a big belly laugh and said she'd been doing that throughout the whole ride.

She was so excited her neurons just kinda quit working.

Unmitigated GLEE in someone so little is apparently a physical event. She lost her vocabulary for a bit and just kept prancing around on her toes, going, "Eeeeeee!!!"

They rode that coaster like, four more times.

She did that after each ride.

She's a total wildcat.

Looks like Daddy's got a coaster buddy.

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