Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Monkey-speak, Part 2

I actually have a whole ton of these saved, mostly for my own enjoyment. It's funny to read back over the list now, because Monkey now speaks like a typical five-year-old... but she's still not even three yet.

(Don't tell HER that though- she is rather insistent that her next birthday will mean she's six. No amount of arguing will convince her otherwise.)

PhrasePart of SpeechTranslation

 I'm done being stinky.declaration Please let my time-out be over.
 Not an excew-wentn. A bad thing to do. As in, "Sorry, Mama, that was not an excew-went."
 Woof feetv. To sniff someone's stinky toes, pull back, and say "WOOF! Stinky!" Inspires serious giggle-fits.
 Turn the wight offdeclaration Turn the light ON. We have some on/off confusion at the moment.
 Airplanen. Helicopter
 Headbandn. Sticky protective item put on scrapes or cuts. As in, "I got a boo-boo! I need a headband on it."
 Skelloweensn. Halloween decorations, especially if they're scary. Also used for Christmas yard decorations. 
 Eski-mo-moesn. Nose-rubbing version of kissing
 Binkyn. The now-vanished pacifier; also known as the Mute Button to Mom and Dad
 Babyn. Any child with a pacifier, even if he/she is bigger and/or older... Cuz, only babies use binkies, yo.
 Hoopta hoopn. The sparkly round toy Monkey *thinks* she knows how to use. Watch your shins.
 Arieln. Any of the Disney princesses. They are all Ariel.   Yes. They ARE.
 Snooping Bootyn. Disney movie about a princess falling asleep, and/or the name of the lead character (after she is first called Ariel). Calls to mind an entirely different genre of movie which would be horribly inappropriate.
 El-MO-mo n. What she used to call the furry red monster from Sesame Street. (Sadly, she now just calls him Elmo like everyone else.)
 Old MacFarmern. Kids' song about a farmer who has a bunch of animals. He also has a "MonkeyDoodle," with a giggle-giggle here, and a giggle-giggle there.
 Ippy Bippy Pidern. Kids' song about an arachnid getting hosed by Mother Nature
 ABCD'sn. The alphabet. It is NOT ABC's. She will correct you.
 Bring-backsn. Kids' song about my Bonnie lying over the ocean. Usually I am requested to skip to the good part (i.e., Bring BACK, bring BACK…); best sung LOUDLY.
 Poniesn. Hairstyle in which her hair is divided in half and put up in elastics on the   sides of her head. Unca Yim apparently needs them... Even though his     head is kinda shaved, Monkey keeps trying to give him pretty pony hair.
 I need to go pottydeclaration I am tired of being in my booster seat, and just want to go elsewhere.
 Got pee comin'!declaration I actually DO need to pee.
 I tooteddeclaration Danger: possible code brown in the diaper!
 What do you say?question She thinks you either burped or tooted, and therefore need to say  "Excuse me." Even if you didn't do anything, just say it. She won't let up until you do.
 Go cribv. To sleep, perchance to dream
 Sit-and-scootv. How wobbly toddlers are encouraged to safely go down the stairs 
 Babies bounce!declaration Gleeful response to falling on her butt. Courtesy of Aunt Boo.

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