Monday, August 1, 2011

The Streak

Can someone please explain why young children find it necessary to strip COMPLETELY NUDE in order to sit on the potty?

I am really hoping this is a phase which will be outgrown before, like, college. Please tell me yes.

Monkey has a cute little toddler bottom.

We have been seeing it rather often, as the potty training train slowly chugs along this summer.

Every so often-- whoosh!-- naked bottom, zipping down the hall!

Thankfully, at least that's mostly happening *AFTER* she has used the potty.
ometimes, even AFTER she's wiped...  other times, well, there might be drippage, but hey-- we're focusing on the upside, OK?

So, Friday night Monkey's dad and I are talking in our room, which is right next to the main bathroom.
Mid-sentence, we see The STREAK zip down the hall. Again.

Although, she actually did have her PJ shirt on, which was a nice change...

I called her into our room to hopefully curtail the dripping, and assess the situation. (I said assess!)

Me: Uh, Monkey? You...seem to be uh... missing something... Did you maybe forget something?

She thought about it for a second, tapping her index finger on her (facial) cheek, then tells me, with a flourish:

"OH!! Yeah!-- I gotta go brush my teeth!"

...and streaked her bare bottom back into the bathroom.

Daddy and I fell over laughing.

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