Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Rites of Passage (aka: Uh, Where Ya Been?)

Oh, holy guacamole, has it REALLY been that long since I posted? Epic fail by yours truly.

Basically, there has been soooooo much happening that 1) it would be awesome if someone were documenting it, and 2) oh wait- that's supposed to be me. <facepalm>

So, here is a list of what-all's been goin' down in the land of Monkey Doodle:

1. She started pre-pre-preschool. (Because of where her birthday falls, she will miss the cutoff for starting "real" school by 18 days, which means 2 yrs of preschool + pre-K before actual kindergarten. Number one goal for this class? For my precious ray of sunshine to learn how to keep her meat in her seat and use her TWO ears more often than her ONE mouth. Good luck, teachers! <waves>)

2. She turned three. We had an awesome rock-star party and she did Courtney Love proud by sprawling on the floor, showing her (Ariel, of course!) undies, then throwing a complete hissy when everyone left and peeing on the floor. It was kind of awesome.

3. Three days after Monkey's birthday, we hopped on a plane to visit my folks in Florida for a week. I have since reminded myself that planning a rockstar toddler birthday party AND week-long family vacation, both happening in the same week, is hereby outlawed-- unless everyone promises to visit me in the loony bin. And bring chocolate or something.

3. More details on the trip need to be posted... because while we were there, Daddy Doodle and I got ENGAGED! Woo hoo!!! Hold up... that means lots more planning. <facepalm>

4. Adding to the FUN TIMES at work, I had to move offices with about a day's notice because of a whole bunch of dominoes that fell in an unexpected pattern. I had to pack up, coordinate with IT and the moving guys, relocate and be back in the groove because there was a major project going on I had to get done. That same day. Not even kidding.

But the office I moved into was N-A-S-T-Y which caused additional hiccups. They built a wall to make one big office into two decent-sized ones... and left drywall dust everywhere. I have asthma. Inhaling drywall dust is basically like trying to breathe shredded glass.

And then there were the creepy crawlies that were exposed <shudder>. I'm really not much of a diva, but there are limits and I was well beyond mine! I owe the Housekeeping Manager lunch, or a thing of Lysol wipes or, well, something.

5. So I moved offices that Friday. Then Tuesday (the day before we left for our trip) there was a ginormous software patch installed at work... incorrectly... that shut down the system for a couple of hours, which meant I couldn't do all the "gonna-be-out-for-a-week, prep-accordingly" stuff. Or, even half of it.

6. And then the person who is my backup for all my geeky software stuff had to try to do it while I was gone, oh, and then, and THEN!-- her last day working this job was also my last day of vacation. (Actually not an accident- she was kind enough to extend out her notice so that my vacation wouldn't be cancelled... cuz, it SURELY would have been in jeopardy.)

So, she was done-deal-gone when I got back to work.

7. So THEN!! The software, once correctly installed, had massive bugs in ONLY the process *I* run, and apparently only I understand... that are still not fixed. So I came back and had to try to figure out when/where/how/IF anything that was done in my absence actually worked. Because no one else has the foggiest clue what I actually DO at my job so I'm kinda on my own to find what's broken and uhhh, fix it.

8. Which then led to my ever-so-patient (HA!) boss having a massive hissy at me for unrelated matters and me nearly quitting and/or saying some four-letter words very loudly (for very MUCH related matters). That was just a BAD, bad day. Oy.

In summary:

Pretty much, for the past month+ I have barely been able to find my rear with a map and compass. Now, as my fancy-schmancy FB-device phone has two different navigation systems, I am plowing onward. West-northwest, or, whatever.

I had been writing on my lunch break, but then fell into the very intrusive and unhealthy habit of not taking a lunch at all. (No time to say hello-goodbye! I'm late, I'm late, I'm LATE!)

That in turn meant that by the time I would get home after the insanity that has been my job of late, looking at the computer (much less touching it) ranked right up there with voluntary root canal.

Thus explains my extended hiatus from posting. Which I am officially ENDING!!!!!

There is much to be told and I am going to do my best. :)

Starting with: ... more travel adventures. <evil chuckle>

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