Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Shameless Self-Promotion

I got a new phone. A smart phone, because as I had grown to discover, my old one was pretty freaking stupid. It didn't even work as a phone anymore. Think of it as a paperweight you plug in every. Single. Day.

It took me forever to choose one because I went to the store SURE I wanted an iPhone. Then I got to play with one and it was just kinda... meh. I wanted a bigger screen and more user-friendly key pad. I tried every smart phone in the store, at least twice.

So anyhoo, gots me a spiffy-sparkly new phone that does all kinds of apps and gadgets and web surfing (yay!) so I can geek out to my little nerdly heart's content... Once I learn how to um, use the darn thing. Most importantly, I can check FB like a teenaged stalker. Priorities!

The other goal was to have a phone that makes it easy to blog without being on a PC. So far I might have missed the mark on that one, but it could be that I am just slow on the uptake.

Anywhoo... while checking out the phones in the store... and their web service... I, uh, maybe might have tagged this blog as a fav on the demo phones. I see nothing wrong with that.

Shameless, but true.

Wow, that kind of sums me up in general. Huh.


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