Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Queen of Non Sequiturs

Wow, I am the crappiest blogger ever. Has it really been that long??? 

Anyway, Le Monk is on a roll lately and I had to capture this so I will explain what I have been doing with myself another time. Can't lose these gems...

Tonight's bedtime snuggle included the following exchange: 

Monkey: <lifts head from my shoulder> Do I know how to ice skate yet? 
Me: Uh...no...?
Monkey: Oh. 


Monkey: Do YOU know how to ice skate? 
Me: Eh...not really. Sort of. 
Monkey: Can you show me?
Me: I don't know. I can surely try. <Monkey puts her head back down>


Monkey: Well, it doesn't really matter anyway, because I don't even HAVE ice skates. 
<puts head back down>

Me: Well, that's OK. You rent them. Like when you go bowling and rent shoes. You don't have to have your own. 

Monkey: <speechless, looks at me like I am a bumbling idiot, shakes her head, and puts her head back down.>

<another 42 second pause>

Monkey, mumbling: Good night Leia. Good night Skywalker, but not Anakin. You're a bad guy now. Good night, Han, and Obi Wan. Good night Yoda.     <smiles, puts her head back down>

<42 more seconds go by>

Monkey pops her head back up and declares: I *LIKE* walking. 

<She smiles and plops her head back down.>

Annnd... scene.

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