Monday, October 1, 2012

What Happened to the Dinosaurs

This past Saturday, I got the girls up early, packed up into the van and headed out to darn-near-Indiana to meet the seamstress friend of my maid of honor. She had graciously offered to do our alterations for the wedding for FREE (woo hoo!) so it was very well worth the drive.

Upon meeting her and getting her take on how to do some of the necessary alterations, I was even more glad we made the drive. The woman is a genius and I am grateful to see someone with such passion and expertise take over an aspect of the wedding about which I am BEYOND clueless.

Hey, all I know is I lost 35 pounds since I bought my dress, and I'm five foot three, so it's too long. Exactly HOW to fix that? Uh, I got nothing. Go fish??

Still, it's a long drive and it was a bit challenging to keep the girls occupied during fittings and measurements and discussions that weren't about their own dresses. There are five dresses in the seamstress' capable hands this week, so a lot to do on one morning.

The true gem of the day though, was heading back home with my four-year-old Monkey and her eight-year-old sister. Because, the drive took an hour. I should have switched on my phone to take video (or at least audio) recording of our drive.

I was following the GPS, which kept bitching at me about "recalculating" so I am not actually sure how the conversation began. Apparently the girls started talking about what happened to the dinosaurs.

This is not a normal topic of conversation so I kinda wish I'd caught the start of it. Alas, I was too busy arguing with the stupid GPS chick trying to tell me to make a U-turn when she's also telling me to take 294 West, and the sign RIGHT THERE says turn left, but she is saying turn right. No. I am not turning right. The sign says the 294 W ramp is on the left and I am going to turn left so SHUT UP ALREADY...

Anyway, from where I noticed the conversation:

Monkey: How come there are no more dinosaurs?
Sis: Because. They all died.
Monkey: Isn't there even a baby one?
Sis (irritated): NO. They all DIED. Like, a long time ago.

Monkey: *I* know what happened. They just... they uhm... they couldn't surVIIIiieiiieve. <stretched out into about four syllables>

Intrigued, I joined in with: Yes, but what MADE them not survive?

Sis: Nobody knows.

Monkey: *I* know. They just couldn't surVIIIiieiiieve. <stretched out into about four syllables>

Me: But, why do you think that happened?

Sis (more irritated): NOBODY knows.

Me: Well, what do the scientists think?

Sis (sighing and running it all together): It could be a meteor. Or a comet. Or weather changes or they all got sick and the food went away or they got stuck in the mud and then there was an ice age.

Me: Right. Or some combination of all that, possibly.

Monkey: ...They just couldn't surVIIIiieiiieve. <stretched out into about four syllables>

Me: Monkey, what do YOU think caused it?

Monkey: *I* know. <Sis shoots her a look.> No, I *DO* know.


Monkey: It was a volcaner. It arrumpted. Then they all just couldn't surVIIIiieiiieve.

Well worth the trip.

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