Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Honeymoon and Aftermath (aka: Grandparent Detox)

So, yeah... the honeymoon/Monkey's week with her grandparents went just as we had thought:

She had absolutely ZERO interest in coming home.


We walked into my parents' house on Saturday (after checking out of our hotel), and she took one look at us, another at the suitcases...and started crying. Not much of a warm fuzzy feeling, BTW.

This was followed by a full-on fit, punctuated with foot stomping, an extraordinary amount of snot, and wails of, "I DON'T *WANNA* GO HOME!!!!"

Good times.

For the record, we are obviously the WORST PARENTS EVER because we told her she had to eat what we were eating for lunch, and she in fact would NOT be able to opt out and have chicken wings instead. Which apparently she was getting away with...all chicken, all week. The kid is GOOD, I tell ya.

I am very grateful she got to spend some dedicated time with her Bunny and Papi, and even more grateful that MDD and I got that time to just be a couple and catch our breath for a few days. The weeks leading up to and right after the wedding were a total blur of running nine million and four errands and doing all the things.

With the timing of things in our relationship, there really wasn't much of that. For the past five years, our lives have been one whirlwind into another and we became parents before we had much time to settle into being a couple.

Honestly, it was weird not being with her for a whole week. Like when you are SURE you are missing something and can't quite relax? Yeah... What I was missing and always looking for was a cute little mop-haired Monkey who never stops talking.

Although, in hindsight, it may be I was *LISTENING* more than looking for her.Our hotel room was strangely quiet. Mommy tends to not trust quiet, for reasons which should be obvious.

The weather did not cooperate, but beyond that slight glitch it was a great trip for all the Doodles. Oh, and the one yucky night my stomach flipped out and I missed out on my sushi dinner. So that stunk. But MDDaddy scored big points by taking his green-faced bride where everyone wants to be when they feel sick: to her mommy. ;) He is smart like that.

My folks keep a well-stocked medicine cabinet and supply of ginger ale, and we got to sneak peeks of the sleeping Monkey. All for the good of my tummy.

We officially have the best-flying preschooler on earth. Her record stands unblemished as an awesome airplane traveler. Bonus points for not puking in the car on the way to or from the airport- that was a pleasant improvement from the last trip. No barfy car seat this time! Yayyyy!

Truly, we are spoiled by how easy-going she can be. At one point she even gave the "eyebrows" face because some other kid on the plane was wailing. But, she just shook her head sadly and went back to her Leapster game. So worldly and wise, and yet unable to tie her shoes. It's a conundrum.

The timing also worked nicely to give her just a week and a half back at preschool before we headed off to visit her other grandparents for Thanksgiving. We are quite the travelers this fall. This is more going-coming-going than I recall ever doing in such a time span.

And now, my sorry hide ain't goin' NOWHERE for a good, long time. Thankyouverymuch.

I was thoroughly impressed by Monk's ninja skills over this past holiday weekend. The three of us stayed in the spare room at my in-laws' house, with Monkey in a sleeping bag on the floor. I slept very little, as her cold reared back up and had her coughing (and me, listening) during the nights.

Each morning, I would wake up and take a look at her, trying to figure out if that cough meant she was really up or just sort of up...and rest my head back down on the pillow, keeping my ears open for further signs.

And somehow, the little stinker managed to creep and crawl her way out of that room-- THREE TIMES-- without being detected. I would turn to check on her, and see the pillow empty... and hear her downstairs, playing or laughing or talking to her grandparents.

ALL THREE DAYS, this happened.


I nearly booby-trapped the doorway, just to figure out how on earth she was getting past me.

I honestly cannot understand how the same child who sounds like a herd of elephants on the stairs when she goes to brush her teeth, who trips on every piece of lint in the rug on the way (she is MY child, after all), could have managed such stealthiness.

Perhaps the proper motivation of a grandparent audience gave her super-ninja skills?? I can't say for sure. All I know? It was impressive.

Once again, parting was such sweet sorrow when it was time to leave Grandma and Grandpa's house. Many tears and repeated hugs and whining and the whole shebang. In fact, Monkey announced she was staying with Grandma. I told her she'd miss her mommy and daddy. The look on her face was nowhere near convinced of that. But we were taking the rest of the Thanksgiving cake with us, so she had a tough call to make.

Thus, back on the road we went, and back home to our own beds. Her ninja skills have dissipated back to normal levels so that is fortunate.

Now it is back to the "normal" in general, other than the whole  name change game and other post-wedding details.

Just in time for the holidays.


Yeah. That too.

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