Monday, August 4, 2014

Sort of Everyone, or *EVERYONE* Everyone?

Le Monk is starting to read. This is both endlessly entertaining and slightly terrifying, as we can no longer reliably spell out words to keep her from knowing what we're saying. I REALLY thought we'd get a little more time with that lovely parenting trick. Foiled again!

So, yesterday, we're sitting in church waiting for the service to start. There's always a banner hanging up behind the altar.  The designs change from time to time depending on what's happening at that point in the year.

We go to a very liberal, open-minded church, which takes a very strong stance as being open and affirming.   Basically, if you wanna be there, we wanna have you here. Period.

Whoever you are, whatever you need-- come look for it, here with us.

I love, love LOVE our church for that. Among a bunch of other reasons, but that is a biggie.

Anyhoo-- the banner this week is one I like a lot. It has multi-colored outlines of outreached hands of all shapes, sizes, and colors. The center of the banner states, "All are welcome here."

Monkey was reading it, though she needed a little help with the word "welcome."

She read it, then asked me, "What does that mean??"

Me: It means anyone who wants to come here, can.
Monkey: But this is a (*redacted hometown) church.
                   *Name of our town redacted for privacy... I chose to share my perspective on our life online, but my child did not make that choice. Some things fall into that territory. <shrug>

Me: Yes, I know, but you don't have to live in this town to come here. Anyone is welcome to come here.

Monkey: Anyone??
Me: Yes. Anyone.


Monkey: Even...*BRITISH PEOPLE*???

Died. Laughing. As the beautiful prelude music was starting, I was snort laughing and shaking the pew. 

Me: Yes... Even them.

<Monk looked at me, incredulous.>

MDD joined us in the pew right about then, saw me losing it, and didn't even ask. Some things you just take in stride, I guess.

I shared this little anecdote with our pastor as we left the sanctuary.  She laughed-- hard-- and then leaned down to Monkey and added, "Even...CANADIANS. Shhhh...!!"

And, see? *This* is why I love our church. 
The end. :)

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