Saturday, December 13, 2014

My Baby Dropped the F-Bomb in Church

Well, crap. This was scheduled to post 12/13 and that apparently did not work. Still learning some options for this...sorry.

But, yeah. That really happened.


Well, not IN-in church, as in, not during the service. But we WERE in the building, in the narthex waiting for choir practice to start. Let me explain...

It's Christmas time, which as a family of musicians/singers means there are a bunch of rehearsals for a bunch of music. MDD and I are each in several ensembles at church, and the kids have their own. This year, as a new twist, Monkey actually has her own SOLO SONG for the Christmas cantata (to be reprised on Christmas Eve).

So, anyway, we're spending a lot of time at rehearsal, or waiting for rehearsal to start.

This Wednesday, Monkey and I were hanging out in the comfy rocking chairs in the church narthex, waiting for MDD's bell choir rehearsal to end. In between that and my choir practice, we would be working on her solo song with the music director.

I had brought some stuff to keep her occupied: her Leapster, some coloring books, and a few "homework books" (reading and math workbooks). I had grabbed one of the more challenging workbooks, because I figured we would be waiting a while yet. It's got some reading comprehension and rhyming work.

I was just chilling in the chair, listening to the "Carol of the Bells" start and stop approximately five billion times, when Monkey asked for help with the page in her book.

She is reading fairly well at this point but can use help with the directions sometimes. They tend to be in a different, smaller font for some reason.

The instructions read:

Write a word that rhymes with the word that is pictured.

The first picture? A duck.

YES. Really. 

Monkey: So, what do I do here?

Me: What it says-- write a word that rhymes with duck.


Monkey: Um... Mom??

Me <sorta dozing in the chair>: ...what??

Monkey <looking stressed>: Well...I am trying, but I can only come up with one and I am pretty sure it's not appropriate...

Me: Which one? (Opened that door right up, didn't I?)

Monkey: <nonchalantly drops the F-bomb>...but... I don't think that's appropriate.

Me: ... You are correct... That is NOT appropriate.

Monkey: Well, what else IS there??

Me: Sound it out...put other letters with it.

Monkey: DUCK...F...uh....MUCK! Would MUCK work?

Me: Much better than  your first attempt, yes.

Monkey: Should I put that down?

Me: Yes. Put that down... PLEASE.

A friend who is a literacy expert praised Monkey's phonemic awareness. I have chosen to go with that, rather than considering this little incident the epic parenting fail it surely would be otherwise. I honestly can't recall having ever used that word in her presence, but she certainly knows it and likewise knows it to be inappropriate. I guess that is good enough to keep us out of an awkward parent-teacher conference...

Yay!! Great phonemic awareness!!! 


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